Google has acquired Alter, a startup that works on an artificial intelligence-based avatar generator, for about $100 million. This was reported by Tech Crunch, citing a source familiar with the matter. A Google representative confirmed information about the acquisition but refused to comment on the deal's financial terms.

Google Chrome Will Automatically Change Stolen Passwords
If Chrome detects that a certain password should be changed, the user will be prompted to have it changed automatically by pressing a single button in a pop-up window. The feature is powered by Google Assistant and Google Duplex technology.

According to the source, the deal was completed two months ago, but was not publicly disclosed. Some of Alter's top executives have updated their LinkedIn profiles and indicated joining Google, without mentioning the acquisition.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Google hopes to use Alter to improve and expand its content offerings and better compete with TikTok.

Google Adds In-Meeting Emoji Reactions to Google Meet
The chosen emoji reactions will be shown live to both the host and other participants over a member’s video tile (or alongside their name) or in a list on the left of the screen. Emoji reactions will finally arrive in April.

Formerly known as Facemoji, Alter offers a platform that other developers could use to add avatar creation systems to their games or apps. The startup received seed funding of $3 million from Play Ventures, Roosh Ventures and Twitter.