Google is introducing an automatic migration that will transfer reminders from Google Assistant and Google Calendar to Google Tasks. In the coming weeks, users will no longer have to manually transfer their reminders as Google will initiate the process automatically.

The announcement regarding this migration was initially made in February, with a vague timeline of the second quarter of 2023. However, Google has now specified that the migration will be completed by the end of June.

Google Now Lets Users Access Their Accounts with Passkeys
The new technology uses your device biometrics (either your fingerprint or your face) or its pin to confirm it’s you signing in. It basically allows using your device instead of a password for authentication.

To facilitate a smooth transition, Google has provided users with the option to initiate the migration manually. If users do not take action soon, the migration will occur automatically by the end of the month, as stated by the company.

For corporate and educational customers using Google Workspace, the automatic migration of reminders has already commenced. These users do not have the option to perform the migration themselves.

Google Will Start Deleting Inactive Accounts Later This Year
Google announced an updated policy for inactive accounts. Starting this year, if an account has not been used for two years, it can be automatically deleted with all of its content, including Google Workspace data, YouTube, and Google Photos.

In September 2022, Google announced its plan to consolidate reminders by migrating them to Google Tasks. This aims to provide users with a unified experience for managing their to-do lists across various Google platforms.