9to5Google reports that the Google Chrome browser for Android smartphones now has a new feature that allows it to automatically change stolen passwords to new ones. The user only needs to tap a single button in a pop-up window to confirm the action.

Google developers have taught the system to independently check whether a password has been leaked and automatically replace the compromised password with a new and secure one with the consent of the user. Previously, the browser could only report that a saved password was stolen or exposed.

Google Adds In-Meeting Emoji Reactions to Google Meet
The chosen emoji reactions will be shown live to both the host and other participants over a member’s video tile (or alongside their name) or in a list on the left of the screen. Emoji reactions will finally arrive in April.

The new feature was implemented through the Google Duplex technology, which appeared in Google Assistant back in 2018. If the virtual assistant finds the password you just logged in with in a data breach, it will automatically offer to replace it. The user will only have to confirm. Before confirmation, you can change the password suggested by the assistant.