Apple usually phases out its gadgets in a timely manner. On average, their lifecycle is about 5 years. Most of the devices, such as iPhones, are removed not because of their aging, but because of internal competition with newer models.

Apple's line of iPods is a bit different as Apple has been selling them for a long time, but the company is now discontinuing the iPod touch, the last remaining model in this lineup, for good.

Apple first introduced the legendary iPod portable music player more than 20 years ago. By comparison, the iPhone will only be 15 years old this year. But it was with this compact player that the formation of Apple as a manufacturer of portable electronics began: it was the player that appeared in many movies and TV series of the 2000s, becoming a true symbol of the era.

But all good things come to an end sometime: in 2022, there is no more place left for such gadgets in the world where smartphones, smartwatches, and wireless headphones can substitute them easily.

The Cupertino company also noted that it would sell the current iPod touch while supplies last.