Tech giant Google has announced a number of updates for Workspace, aiming to enhance virtual collaboration. They include the ability to use Meet directly within Slides, Docs, and Sheets, a new picture-in-picture mode, as well as the ability to live stream a meeting to YouTube.

One of the most exciting features, however, is the in-meeting emoji reactions in Google Meet. With this feature, you can now express your feelings about something with the help of emoji reactions during virtual meetings without having to interrupt the discussion verbally.

The chosen emoji reactions will be shown live to both the host and other participants over a member's video tile (or alongside their name) or in a list on the left of the screen. Emoji reactions will finally arrive in April.

Google Will Make Search Dark Theme Fully Black
The black search background color could potentially help save battery life on smartphones and laptops. However, it won’t make any big difference since users do not spend much time in Search.

Another feature that Google has introduced is a picture-in-picture mode in Google Meet, which can let you see who is speaking when you are not actively using the Meet tab. You will be able to use the picture-in-picture mode in the Google Chrome browser starting in April.

The company is also planning to add optional end-to-end encryption for Meet later this year. This will apply to all Workspace customers.

You can find out more about Google's recent announcements in its blog post.