YouTube is taking steps to enhance the news-watching experience for its users by introducing a news watch page and supporting short-form news content creation. In collaboration with authoritative sources, the platform aims to provide viewers with a comprehensive and immersive news experience.

The news watch page will consolidate content from various sources, including video-on-demand, live streams, podcasts, and Shorts, allowing users to explore multiple perspectives on a particular news topic. This feature will be accessible by clicking on videos with a newspaper icon on the homepage or in search results. Initially rolling out for mobile users in approximately 40 countries, YouTube plans to integrate it into desktop and living room platforms in the future.

YouTube Is Testing AI-Generated Video Summaries
This test feature, currently limited to specific English-language videos and a selected user base, aims to provide brief overviews of video content without replacing the original human-written descriptions.

In addition to the news watch page, YouTube is launching the Shorts Innovation Program for News. This initiative will offer financial grants and specialist support to news organizations looking to enhance their short-form video capabilities. Over 20 organizations across 10 countries will be part of the program, receiving a total of $1.6 million USD. YouTube specialists will collaborate with these organizations to improve their Shorts news content creation.