Google Search has unveiled a new feature called "About this image," aimed at providing users with valuable background information and context about images in search results. This tool, now available to English users globally, comes as part of Google's efforts to combat the spread of misinformation facilitated by misleading images on the internet.

The "About this image" feature offers insights into the origins of an image, including metadata when available, along with details on how the image has been described by news outlets and fact-checking websites over time. It even indicates whether the image was generated by artificial intelligence. Google had previously introduced a similar "About this result" feature to help users evaluate text-based sources.

Google’s AI-Powered Search Now Generates Images and Drafts
This new image generation capability is also available directly within Google Images, where users can see a prompt box while browsing image search results. With the power of AI, you can refine your search results and bring your creative ideas to life.

This release is particularly timely, given the rising concerns about disinformation. With the "About this image" tool, users can now dig deeper to determine the authenticity of images shared on social media or across the web.

While the initial release allows users to access the tool from the three-dot menu in Search and Google Images results, Google plans to expand its accessibility in the coming months.