Apple's Shazam app has introduced an exciting new feature for concert enthusiasts, making it easier than ever to discover upcoming shows and events. The "Concerts" section within the app provides users with personalized event recommendations based on their Shazam history.

In this Concerts section, users can explore concert listings, search for specific artists, filter by date and location, and even check out trending concerts. They can also save events, set reminders for upcoming shows, view ticket information, and unlock special concert exclusives from selected artists. These exclusives may include unique watch faces, wallpapers, etc.

Apple Unveils iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10
iOS 17 brings a slew of enhancements to phone calls. The new Contact Posters feature lets you personalize calls with photos and fonts that fill your screen. Live Voicemail displays real-time message transcripts.

Additionally, Apple has integrated concert data into Spotlight search on iOS 17, making it even easier for users to find information about upcoming shows and purchase tickets. The Concerts feature is now available on iOS, with an Android update expected to follow.