Windows 11 is introducing a new feature that allows users to log in to websites and apps using biometric authentication. The functionality, which has been spotted in the latest preview version of the operating system, leverages Windows Hello for seamless and secure access.

Microsoft to Bring Windows 11 to the Cloud for All Users
An internal presentation disclosed as part of the ongoing FTC v. Microsoft hearing reveals the company’s intention to expand on Windows 365 and enable a complete Windows operating system to be streamed from the cloud to any device.

With the upcoming update, Windows 11 users will have the option to create passkeys from their account settings, enabling them to sign in to supported websites and applications without the need for traditional passwords. Passkeys can be created using various biometric methods, such as face recognition, fingerprint scanning, or a PIN, making the login process more convenient and secure.

Microsoft has emphasized the improved security offered by passkeys, as they cannot be stolen from compromised servers like passwords can.

Microsoft’s Phone Link App for iOS Is Now Rolling out to All Windows 11 Users
iPhone owners can now sync their smartphones with the Phone Link app to make and receive calls, send and receive messages via iMessage, get notifications from their mobile devices, and view their phone contacts on their Windows 11 PC.

To utilize this feature, users can visit websites that support password-less logins on Windows and create passkeys from their account settings. The passkeys can then be used to sign in to the respective accounts using Windows Hello.

Microsoft has provided an intuitive way to manage passkeys through the Windows Settings app. The Passkeys section under Settings > Accounts allows users to view a list of all saved passkeys on their PC. From this menu, individual website passkeys can be searched and deleted, providing control and flexibility.