Microsoft is planning to launch a fully cloud-based version of Windows that will be accessible to everyday users. While Microsoft already offers a cloud-based OS called Windows 365, but it is currently limited to commercial customers.

An internal presentation from June 2022, which was disclosed as part of the ongoing FTC v. Microsoft hearing, reveals the company's intention to expand on Windows 365 and enable a complete Windows operating system to be streamed from the cloud to any device.

Windows 365, which currently provides streaming of a full Windows version to devices, has been primarily targeted at commercial customers. However, Microsoft has already begun integrating it deeply into Windows 11. An upcoming update will introduce Windows 365 Boot, allowing Windows 11 devices to directly log into a Cloud PC instance during boot, bypassing the local version of Windows.

Microsoft Officially Unveiled Windows 11
The main changes affected the operating system’s interface, the Start menu, the desktop, the way of communication, widgets, access to video games, security, sound, applications and other features.

Microsoft's recent announcement of Windows Copilot, an AI-powered assistant for Windows 11, is also part of its broader AI push. Windows Copilot provides contextual information and can summarize, rewrite, or explain the content users are viewing in apps. Microsoft is currently testing Windows Copilot internally and plans to release it to testers in June before rolling it out more widely.