At the annual Google I/O conference, the tech giant unveiled a number of AI coding tools, including its competitor to GitHub's Copilot, a new foundational coding model called Codey designed to help programmers handle coding-related prompts and queries related to Google Cloud services.

Google’s New AI Model Can Generate Music from Text Descriptions
Google has unveiled MusicLM, an artificial intelligence system that can generate high-fidelity music of any genre from text descriptions given by users. However, Google has no plans to make the neural network publicly available yet.

It can complete the code written by the user, generate code based on natural language prompts, as well as help with debugging, documentation, learning new concepts, and more.

Codey is based on Google's large PaLM 2 language model and has been trained on a huge set of permissively licensed open-source code as well as on the internal code of Google's own products.

Google’s Magic Eraser Feature Is Coming to iPhones and More Androids
The Magic Eraser feature will now be available on the Google Photos app to all Google One subscribers on both iOS and Android devices. All Pixel smartphone owners will have access to the feature without having to sign up for a paid Google One subscription.

It also supports more than 20 languages, such as Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, and SQL, and you can get access to the new tools through an extension for Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs, and Google Shell Editor environments.

Codey is currently only available to a small set of testers. The company may disclose further details at the August Google Cloud Next event.