Stockimg AI, the content creation platform powered by artificial intelligence, has unveiled a new feature that allows users to generate vibrant and eye-catching QR codes. This latest addition aims to break free from the traditional black-and-white QR code design, offering users a more visually appealing and personalized experience.

Intel Labs Unveils a New AI Model That Generates 360-Degree Images From Text Prompts
This breakthrough technology has diverse applications, from entertainment and gaming to architecture and design. It can revolutionize content creation, metaverse experiences, and digital interactions across multiple industries.

The user-friendly interface of Stockimg AI's Generative QR makes the process effortless. Simply input the desired description and the corresponding link, and watch as the AI algorithm creates a stunning QR code that stands out from the crowd.

The possibilities for customization are endless. Users can choose from various color palettes, add creative elements, and incorporate unique designs to match their branding or personal style. The result is a QR code that is not only functional but also visually captivating.

Picsart Launches an AI-Powered Animated GIF Generator
The tool is integrated into the regular Picsart app, accessible on iOS, Android, and the web. Users can download their GIFs directly to their devices for sharing with friends and across various platforms.

Generative QR by Stockimg AI goes beyond generating QR codes. The platform also offers a range of other content creation options, including illustrations, logos, book covers, and even stock photos.