Picsart, the popular image editor, has introduced a new AI-powered GIF Generator, adding a touch of fun to the world of artificial intelligence. The tool allows users to create animated GIFs based on text prompts.

Unlike other text-to-image platforms, such as DALL-E, Picsart's generator focuses on animation. It enables users to generate animated GIFs, similar to the ones commonly shared in group chats and social media. With this new tool, users can unleash their creativity and make their own unique animated creations, from humorous character interactions to playful scenarios like cats arm wrestling.

Described as Picsart's "most unhinged" platform yet, the AI GIF generator is easy to use. Users simply input text prompts, wait a short moment, and witness the creation of their "chaotic and eccentric" GIFs.

The tool is integrated into the regular Picsart app, accessible on iOS, Android, and the web. Users can download their GIFs directly to their devices for sharing with friends and across various platforms.