Twitter has added support for Ethereum wallet addresses to its Tip Jar feature that allows Twitter users to support their favorite creators financially using regular money or cryptocurrency.

Support for the Ethereum wallet comes a few months after the social media platform added the ability to send Bitcoin donations using the Lightning Network. So far, Twitter has also added three third-party payment processors, including Barter, Paga, and Paytm.

It is not yet clear whether other tokens on the Ethereum blockchain like stablecoins or ERC-20 tokens will be supported.

Twitter announced the Tips Jar feature back in May 2021. To support your favorite author financially, you should visit their profile and click the dedicated icon. Once you click it, you will need to select the payments service or platform to transfer the money.

Twitter Is Rolling Out Its Downvote Button Test Globally
During the previous round of testing, the company found that users generally downvote replies that are offensive or irrelevant. The same experiment also showed that downgrading is most often used to label content that users don’t want to see.

And in January, the microblogging service allowed Twitter Blue subscribers with iOS devices to select non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as their profile pictures.