Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the company's new values in a virtual all-hands meeting with the employees, and then also shared them in a post on his Facebook page.

Meta now has a new motto, “Meta, Metamates, Me.” It refers to a maritime saying that means the ship and crew should come first, and only then yourself.

The head of Meta noted that the current values were defined back in 2007. And while they have proven remarkably durable, the time has come to update them since the company is now heading towards developing a metaverse, building the future of social connections.

Here's the list of the updated values of Meta:

  1. Move Fast means that Meta employees should learn fast and move in the same direction together as one company.
  2. Focus on Long-Term Impact means that they should set long-term goals and take actions even if the effect will be observable in many years.
  3. Build Amazing Things means that from now on, employees should focus on things that will inspire people even more.
  4. Live in the Future means being early adopters of the future products that will help people be present together.
  5. Be Direct and Respect Your Colleagues means that Meta employees should be ready to have hard conversations with colleagues while also treating them with respect.
  6. Meta, Metamates, Me is about the responsibility for collective success as well as taking care of each other.
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In the third quarter of 2021, Facebook had 1.93 billion daily active users, while in the last three months of 2021, this number decreased to 1.929 billion, the quarterly earnings report of Meta revealed.

It is reported, however, that many employees have already joked about the new values:

Zuckerberg renamed Facebook to Meta in October 2021, announcing the company's plans to build the metaverse that will bring physically distant people together.