Social media platform Twitter has expanded the testing of its downvote button worldwide, making it available for all users both on Android and iOS platforms. The new button should allow users to flag tweets they don't like.

The company started testing the feature on a limited number of users last year to better understand the needs of users regarding the content they want or do not want to see. Thus, the feature will allow Twitter to personalize the display of replies, as each user will be able to downvote replies they don't want to see.

During the previous round of testing, the company found that users generally downvote replies that are offensive or irrelevant. The same experiment also showed that downgrading is most often used to label content that users don't want to see.

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The company says the new feature is now being tested on a limited number of iOS users. If you have access to this feature, you will see a corresponding button in the retweet menu. Once you tap it, you’ll be able to take a video or photo to reply to a tweet.

It should be noted that the number of downvotes a reply gets will not be publicly visible – the button will only be visible to the person viewing the replies.