Twitter has announced the launch of its paid Twitter Blue subscription for users in the USA and New Zealand across Android, iOS, and web. It will cost $2.99 per month and offer a selection of exclusive features, including the ability to cancel sending a Tweet or change the Twitter app icon.

Twitter Blue subscribers will have ad-free access to articles from over 300 American news sites, including The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, and The Washington Post. However, they still will not be able to view paid articles without a paid subscription to some of the publishers.

Twitter promises to donate a portion of the revenue to the publishers that participate in the subscription. Subscribers will be able to see how much money the publishers they read have received from Twitter.

In addition, Twitter Blue members will be able to view the most popular tweets of the last 24 hours, get exclusive app icons and colorful themes, and the ability to customize their navigation bar in the app.

Twitter users with this subscription will also be able to add tweets to Bookmark Folders and undo tweets, that is, see what their tweets look like and edit them before posting.

Other subscription features include the ability to download videos up to 10 minutes long and pin important conversations to DM inboxes.

Twitter Blue Premium Subscription Might Cost $3 per Month
According to a leak by Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter’s premium subscription has been dubbed Twitter Blue, and it will cost $2.99 per month. Twitter Blue users will be able to cancel sending a tweet within 30 seconds as well as create collections of posts they like.

Twitter Blue members will be able to get new features that the company will test in Early Access.