British tech brand Nothing, primarily known for its innovative transparent smartphones, has announced the release of its own craft beer that is scheduled to go on sale this summer.

The startup has partnered with Freetime Beer Company, a microbrewery based in Swansea on the southern coastline of Wales. The beer will have a 5.1% ABV. Like all of the company's products, Beer (5.1%) features a stylish, minimalist design.

Nothing describes the beer as a crisp, unfiltered rice lager with a hint of pear. The product will be released this summer and will be available on the shelves of the Nothing store in SoHo, London, as well as on Nothing's website. Interested customers can sign up for a newsletter about the upcoming product.

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The design was developed by Tom Howard, the Assistant Director of Design at Teenage Engineering, Swedish music and audio equipment manufacturer.

The announcement was made on April 1, so many thought it was a joke due to the timing. However, on April 2, Nothing confirmed that it was true and reassured fans that the beer is indeed their next product:

Tesla previously introduced the Cybertruck-inspired GigaBier, a limited edition beer with a pretty high price tag.

Tesla Launched the Cybertruck-Inspired Beer Called GigaBeer
In terms of design, the bottle imitates Tesla’s Cybertruck, and each bottle has a glow-in-the-dark Giga logo. The beer is brewed in Berlin and expresses notes of citrus, bergamot, and sweet fruit.

Nothing Technology Limited is a cutting-edge technology company founded in 2020 by Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus. The brand's products include wireless earbuds Ear (1), Ear (2), Ear (stick), and the "transparent" Phone (1) smartphone.