Microsoft has made the DALL-E-powered AI image generator publicly available to Edge browser users around the world.

The new tool allows you to generate images by providing text descriptions. You can then select the desired image from several suggested options and quickly add it to a document or upload it to social networks.

To use the feature in Edge, simply click on the Image Creator icon in the browser's sidebar and type in what you want to see, and get your image generated within seconds. The image you create can be downloaded and used anywhere. To add the feature to Edge manually, you need to open the sidebar, click the "+" button, and toggle the switch next to Image Creator.

The company is also adding other features to Edge, such as the Drop tool. It allows you to send files and other content to yourself through a personal notebook that syncs between devices.

Another tool, Browser essentials, will come in handy for those who want to test Edge's performance – its efficiency and malware scanning process.

Microsoft Adds Super Duper Secure Mode to Its Edge Browser
Microsoft announced another experimental feature for its Edge browser called Super Duper Secure Mode. To make the browser super-duper-secure, the developers have disabled the JavaScript engine’s Just-In-Time (JIT) feature, which improves performance.

Image Creator was introduced at the end of March. The technology is based on the most advanced version of OpenAI's DALL-E neural model for creating images from text descriptions. In addition to the Microsoft Edge sidebar, Image Creator can be found in the Bing AI chatbot as well as a standalone website.