Spotify is introducing its new feature, Showcase. This tool allows artists to pay for music promotion directly on the Home feed of the Spotify app, offering a unique opportunity to connect with their audience.

Artists can select specific songs or entire albums to be featured as mobile banners on Spotify's Home feed. These banners will be visible to users and marked as sponsored recommendations. Initially launching in 30 markets, Showcase aims to give artists a new way to reach their fans and maintain the momentum of their releases.

Spotify acknowledges that promoting music is crucial, especially during the first month after a new track or album's release when up to 75% of annual streams occur. Showcase provides a direct route to these potential listeners.

One notable aspect of Showcase is its ability to target different segments of an artist's audience. This means artists can connect with their most dedicated fans or engage with more casual listeners. Artists can customize their Showcase banners with various headlines, such as "New Music," "Release Anniversary," or "Getting Buzz," ensuring transparency about the purpose of the promotion.

Spotify Will Cut Ads on White Noise Podcasts to Focus on Profit
White noise podcasts have been a lucrative niche for some creators, with some reportedly earning as much as $18,000 per month. However, these podcasts tend to have passive listeners who use them for background noise, making the advertising less effective.

While Showcase offers artists an opportunity to tap into prime real estate on the Home screen, it's a new experience for Spotify users, who will now encounter promoted content directly on their home screens.