Spotify is making changes to its advertising strategy, targeting white noise podcasts as part of its profit-boosting measures. Starting from October 1st, white noise podcasters will no longer be eligible for Spotify's Ambassador Ads program that pays creators for promoting Spotify content.

White noise podcasts, which feature looping ambient sounds like rain or static, have been a lucrative niche for some creators, with some reportedly earning as much as $18,000 per month through the Ambassador Ads program. However, these podcasts tend to have passive listeners who use them for background noise, making the advertising less effective.

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This move is seen as Spotify's effort to increase its annual profits. The company had considered removing white noise podcasts from its platform entirely, as they accounted for a significant portion of daily listening hours but weren't seen as generating substantial value in terms of active engagement.

While white noise podcasters will lose a key source of revenue with the removal of Ambassador Ads, they can still generate income through paid subscribers, listener support, and automated ads.