Microsoft has announced a significant update for the Paint app, now available to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels (version 11.2308.18.0 or higher). This update introduces support for layers and transparency, expanding the capabilities of the long-standing graphics software.

Users can now work with layers, allowing them to add, remove, and manage various elements on the canvas. This feature enables the creation of more intricate digital artwork by stacking shapes, text, and other image components.

Microsoft Is Testing a Dark Mode for Its Paint App on Windows 11
Visually, one of the main changes is the introduction of dark mode support. By default, the editor’s appearance will adjust according to the system settings, but users will have the option to customize the theme color separately.

To begin using layers, simply click the new "Layers" button in the toolbar, which opens a panel on the canvas's side. From there, you can manipulate the layers, change their order, show or hide them, duplicate, or merge them as needed.

In addition to layers, this update brings support for transparency, including the ability to open and save transparent PNG files. When working with a single layer, a checkerboard pattern indicates transparent areas on the canvas, ensuring that erasing content genuinely removes it without leaving white space. When multiple layers are involved, erasing content on one layer reveals what's beneath it.

Microsoft to Bring Windows 11 to the Cloud for All Users
An internal presentation disclosed as part of the ongoing FTC v. Microsoft hearing reveals the company’s intention to expand on Windows 365 and enable a complete Windows operating system to be streamed from the cloud to any device.

This update enhances the versatility of Paint, making it a valuable tool for creating layered compositions and complex digital artwork. While currently available to Windows Insiders, it's expected to roll out to all Windows users after thorough testing.