Google is introducing Duet AI, an artificial intelligence assistant, to enhance its Google Workspace suite. Duet AI offers various features, including automatic document summarization and a virtual avatar capable of representing users during meetings.

Duet AI, which is currently exclusive to Google Workspace for businesses at a cost of $30 per user per month, offers real-time note-taking and generates meeting summaries. Users can also employ the "Attend for Me" feature, enabling the AI to join meetings on their behalf.

Moreover, Gmail is receiving upgrades in its AI capabilities, offering advanced and personalized automated responses. This feature will initially launch in the mobile version of Gmail and later be supplemented by contextual auto-fill suggestions.

Google is also improving the audio and video quality of video conferencing through Duet AI, allowing dynamic tiles with face recognition and real-time translation for 18 languages.

Google Chrome Introduces AI-Powered Summaries for Web Articles
Users will be able to access AI-generated key points from an article by tapping on an icon located at the bottom of the screen. This feature is designed to work exclusively with freely available web articles, excluding paywalled content.

Google's expansion into AI for productivity tools positions it in direct competition with Microsoft, which offers a similar suite of AI tools called Copilot for its Office apps. As AI continues to evolve in workplace applications, both tech giants are pushing the boundaries of what AI can do to enhance productivity.