Snapchat AR Product Designer Kyle Goodrich has unveiled the DreamGenerator, a compact camera prototype that harnesses the power of generative AI to transform ordinary photos into captivating masterpieces.

With just a single click, users can choose from 30 creative prompts and witness their images morph into unique works of art in real-time.

The AI technology, leveraging Stable Diffusion and ControlNet, considers the composition and pose of the original photo, preserving essential elements while infusing them with imaginative and artistic touches.

Snapchat Introduced Pixy, a Pocket-Sized Flying Camera
Snap describes Pixy as your friendly flying camera, adding that it is a pocket-sized, free-flying sidekick suitable for adventures big and small. The new camera is available for $229.99 while in stock.

Although currently in prototype stage, DreamGenerator has already sparked interest, with users expressing their desire for a mobile app version of the innovative tool.