Google has announced the official release of its Nearby Share app for Windows PCs, making it easier to share files across various devices, including phones, tablets, and Chromebooks. The PC version of the app had been in beta since March 2023 and is now fully available to users.

During the beta phase, the Nearby Share for Windows app garnered over 1.7 million installations, with more than 50 million files transferred between PCs and Android devices since its launch.

Google Now Lets Users Access Their Accounts with Passkeys
The new technology uses your device biometrics (either your fingerprint or your face) or its pin to confirm it’s you signing in. It basically allows using your device instead of a password for authentication.

With this official release, Google has introduced some new enhancements to the app. Users can now see the estimated time it will take to complete file transfers. Additionally, the app now includes an image preview in device notifications to ensure the right file is being shared.

To use Nearby Share for Windows, users need to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on their PCs. Once set up, users can easily drag a file into the app or right-click on it and select the Nearby Share option to send it to a nearby device.