Meta has unveiled a new feature that allows users to use their avatars during real-time video calls. The new avatar calling feature is similar to Apple's FaceTime Memoji, where avatars mimic users' facial expressions and articulations. Users can even swap their own avatar with animated stickers of animals like cats, dogs, owls, llamas, and more.

Meta Launches a Digital Clothing Store for Virtual Avatars
Virtual clothes will be much cheaper than the real designer clothes of the mentioned brands. In the future, the number of brands for the meta-universe is expected to grow. There will still be free clothing options for virtual avatars.

With the introduction of animated stickers, avatars become even more dynamic and fun during conversations. Users can share these stickers on Instagram and Facebook Stories, Reels, Facebook comments, as well as in Messenger and Instagram's private chats. The animations include various expressions, such as clapping, waving, and dancing, making conversations more engaging.

Moreover, avatars are no longer restricted to solo expressions. Meta has introduced social stickers, enabling users to include their friends' avatars in Facebook Stories and private message threads. Now, avatars can interact and have fun together in the virtual world, just like in real life.

Meta Ends Support for NFTs on Instagram and Facebook
A company spokesperson said that Meta is shifting its investments away from NFTs to products such as Meta Pay, as well as other tools that allow creators to earn money directly on Meta’s platforms.

The company continues to enhance the avatar experience by standardizing their appearance across all Meta platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, making them look more realistic and proportional.

Furthermore, Meta is testing a new feature on Facebook and WhatsApp that allows users to create avatars quickly and effortlessly. By taking a live selfie, the system generates suggested avatar options that users can personalize to best represent themselves, simplifying the avatar creation process.

Meta Is Testing a Paid Verification Scheme on Facebook and Instagram
To sign up to become Meta Verified, users must be 18 or older and provide an official government-issued ID that matches the profile name and photo they have on Facebook or Instagram.

In the coming months, Meta promises even more updates and features to make avatar interactions even more enjoyable and engaging.