Snapchat has introduced Pixy – a pocket-sized flying camera that lets you take videos without a selfie stick. Snap Pixy can be best described as a drone for selfies as it first takes off from the palm of your hand to take a video of you and then returns to your palm.

This yellow disc-shaped device can fit in your pocket, so you can pull it out whenever you feel the need to take selfies. To do that, tap the button at the top and choose one of four preset flight paths while holding a pocket camera in the palm of your hand.

Snap Pixy can float, orbit, and follow you wherever you lead – all without a controller or any set-up. The camera can make five to eight short flights on a full charge before it needs to be recharged.

Snapchat’s New Lens Will Help You Learn American Sign Language
Snapchat’s new ASL Lens, which serves the important purpose of teaching users how to use American Sign Language and test their skills, is now available on iOS and Android globally.

The videos that the new device captures will be transferred wirelessly to your Snapchat memories, where you can edit or customize them with Lenses, editing tools, Sounds, etc.

The new camera is available in the US and France for $229.99 while in stock.