Microsoft has patented a virtual reality glove, PatentlyApple reports. The patent was found in the database of the World Intellectual Property Organization. According to a document at WIPO, the gloves will provide physical haptic feedback when lifting virtual objects.

The glove will feature a special force-applying mechanism on the back and will be equipped with sensors and compact motors that help feel the interaction with virtual objects and make being in a VR environment more realistic.

An image of the Microsoft patent VR glove
Image: PatentlyApple

When interacting with objects in virtual reality, the user will feel a slight vibration and resistance. Thus, the device imitates the tactile sensation of touch. The document states that the gloves are designed for professional use as well as video games.

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It's worth noting that the fact that these VR gloves have reached the patent stage does not mean that this product will be released to consumer markets. Microsoft engineers may only consider the development for research.