Instagram now finally lets livestreamers add moderators to their online broadcasts. Moderators will be able to report comments, remove viewers from live streams, and disable comments for individual viewers.

To assign moderators to a Live broadcast on Instagram, the streamer should click the three-dot button in the comment bar. The moderator can either be selected from a list of suggested accounts, or you can find the specific account using the search bar.

Instagram Introduces New Tagging Options for Creators
The enhanced options are aimed at highlighting the behind-the-scenes creators, such as songwriters or makeup artists, who may go unnoticed and are underrepresented.

Even though Instagram introduced the Live stream feature in 2016, the ability to add moderators is only being presented now. The moderation issue is now particularly important for multiple social media platforms since users can quickly turn any discussion into something ugly. It is noteworthy that Facebook's Live streams have long had a similar tool that allows you to add moderators.