Windows has introduced a new feature called Generative Erase in its Photos application, bringing the magic of AI to users' fingertips.

Microsoft Unveils Windows App for Cross-Platform Access on Mac, iPhone, and PC
The Windows App marks a significant step in Microsoft’s efforts to make Windows more accessible across various devices, potentially changing the way consumers interact with the iconic OS.

This innovative tool, now available to Windows Insiders across all channels, promises to effortlessly remove unwanted objects from images, leaving behind a seamless and visually appealing result.

Generative Erase, as the name suggests, leverages generative AI technology to fill in the erased spaces with pixels that match the surrounding area, creating a realistic and unnoticeable edit. Demonstrations have shown impressive outcomes, such as erasing a dog's leash and bystanders in the background without leaving any trace of manipulation.

Microsoft Paint Gets Major Update with Layer and Transparency Support
This update enhances the versatility of Paint, making it a valuable tool for creating layered compositions and complex digital artwork. While currently available to Windows Insiders, it’s expected to roll out to all Windows users after thorough testing.

This feature is not just limited to small fixes. Compared to the previous Spot fix tool, Generative Erase can tackle larger areas and more complex backgrounds with ease, making it an invaluable asset for both casual and serious photographers. Users can simply brush over the objects they wish to remove and adjust the brush size for precise control. For more complex edits involving multiple objects, the feature allows for disabling Auto Apply to add or remove masks selectively.