Microsoft introduced the Windows App, a versatile application that bridges the gap between different devices, including Mac, iPhone, and Windows PC. This development transforms the previous Windows 365 app into a unified connection hub for remote PCs, Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Microsoft Dev Box, and Remote Desktop Services.

The Windows App offers various settings for display resolution, scaling, and supports peripheral devices like webcams or and printers. Users can conveniently switch between devices and applications, making it a central control point for managing connected devices and apps.

Initially catering to Microsoft's business accounts, the Windows App may soon become available to personal accounts. Windows App is now available for Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and web browsers.

Microsoft Unveils Major Windows 11 Update with AI Features
Microsoft has announced its latest update for Windows 11, which will start rolling out on September 26th. This update brings several significant improvements, including an AI-powered assistant, enhanced file management, and revamped applications.

The introduction of a dedicated Windows App hints at Microsoft's potential move toward a cloud-based Windows operating system. Microsoft's newly formed "Windows and Web Experiences" team, focused on web-based technologies, may play a crucial role in this transition.