Microsoft has announced its latest update for Windows 11, which will start rolling out on September 26th. This update brings several significant improvements, including an AI-powered assistant, enhanced file management, and revamped applications.

Copilot: One of the standout features is Copilot, an AI-powered assistant that will appear as a sidebar on the desktop, allowing users to interact with it easily. Copilot can answer questions, launch applications, and perform various tasks.

Redesigned File Explorer: The file management tool receives a modern look with larger file thumbnails and a carousel interface showcasing recent and favorite files. These changes align the program with Windows 11's overall design.

Windows Backup: The Windows Backup app now simplifies the process of transferring settings and applications to a new device. It backs up your PC, ensuring a smooth transition to a new computer. Pinned apps on your Start menu and taskbar will also transfer seamlessly.

AI in Photos and Snipping Tool: The Photos app gains an AI-based feature that allows users to blur backgrounds in photos and customize the intensity of the blur. Meanwhile, the Snipping Tool can detect text in screenshots, share it in apps, and automatically redact sensitive information.

Paint Enhancement: The Paint app receives a long-awaited upgrade, including support for layers, transparency, and the ability to open and save PNG images. These improvements offer users greater flexibility and creative possibilities.

Ink Anywhere: Microsoft introduces Ink Anywhere, a feature for stylus users that enables handwriting input in any text field within Windows. The OS converts handwritten text into editable text, enhancing the stylus experience.

While these updates mark a significant enhancement of Windows 11, Microsoft also hints at more substantial changes in a future update.