Twitter is rolling out the new content warning feature for all users. The social media platform was testing this feature last year, and it is now available on both Twitter's Android and iOS apps as well as its web client.

The feature allows users to hide individual photos and videos behind warnings for "violence," "nudity," or "sensitive" content. Previously, users who wanted to flag potentially sensitive content in their tweets only had the option of adding a general warning to all multimedia tweets.

Twitter Is Rolling Out Its Downvote Button Test Globally
During the previous round of testing, the company found that users generally downvote replies that are offensive or irrelevant. The same experiment also showed that downgrading is most often used to label content that users don’t want to see.

To put a content warning on multimedia, the user should tap the flag icon when editing an attached photo or video in a tweet and apply a specific category to that warning. Several warnings can be tagged for individual photos or videos, and a warning can be added to one video or photo in a tweet. However, Twitter will still put a single content warning over both pieces of media.

Content warnings cannot be put on text tweets. As before, Twitter users can click through the warning to view the photo or video.

The idea behind content warnings is to help people avoid interacting with potentially upsetting media and disturbing and unsafe content.