Microblogging platform Twitter has introduced a new feature that lets its users record GIFs right with an iOS in-app camera of the official Twitter app. The social media platform offers millions of GIFs to choose from and share, but nothing is more striking than a GIF you've created yourself.

With the official announcement of the feature, Twitter said that users would be able to share shorter video clips to their timelines without having to upload a full video.

Here's how to create a GIF using your iOS in-app camera on Twitter:

  1. On your iOS app, hit the new tweet button.
  2. Tap the photo icon and then the camera icon.
  3. Set it to the GIF mode.
  4. Press and hold the record button to start recording.

Users will still have the GIF search feature while creating a tweet since Twitter offers integrated GIF support. The new feature only makes the whole GIF sharing experience more personal.

Twitter Spaces for iOS Is Testing a New Clipping Tool for Hosts
The feature is designed to provide a new way for users to draw interest in their Spaces, as well as highlight a specific part of the audio without having to share the entire recording.

The feature is exclusive to iOS users for now, and it is unclear when it might be coming to Android.