Zoom, a popular video conferencing platform, has introduced a new feature that lets its users replace their faces with animated characters that mirror their facial expressions and head movements during video conversations. With this new feature, Zoom is primarily targeting users who work from home and the office, as well as educators and students.

The new feature is available on macOS, Windows, and iOS, and requires the 5.10.0 version of Zoom or higher. The animal avatar feature is also very similar to Apple's Memojis and aims to offer a simple and exciting way to interact with the participants of virtual meetings.

Zoom notes that avatars are a good option for people who don't want their faces to appear in a meeting but, for whatever reason, want to express themselves through body language and facial expressions.

Zoom Will Pay Users $85 Million for Violating Their Privacy
The company made the corresponding decision because of the class action lawsuit claiming that Zoom violated usersโ€™ privacy rights by sharing their data with Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. Thus, hackers could disrupt Zoom meetings.

In fact, the avatar feature can track a person's facial expressions and body movements. Thus, if a user nods, the avatar will immediately do the same, no matter what type of camera is used. The company said the new feature doesn't use facial recognition and doesn't store any data about your face.

The current lineup of avatars includes dogs, foxes, rabbits, cows, cars, raccoons, and bears in your choice of crew neck top or hoodie. The company said it would add more avatars in the future.

You can find out how to apply virtual avatars here.