Instagram introduced two new feed options, Following and Favorites, which allow users to sort their feeds to see content posted by the people they follow or only see content from their favorite accounts. Both feed options show you posts in chronological order, so you can quickly catch up on recent posts, but they differ in the posts they display.

The Following feed option displays the latest posts from the accounts you follow and includes all Instagram accounts a person follows.

Favorites, in turn, shows the latest posts from the accounts you've starred and want to keep up with, such as your close friends, family members, or favorite content creators. Favorites includes up to 50 accounts added to a user's favorites list (editable at any time). Posts from the people that are on your favorites list will show up higher in the main feed.

You can access the new feed options by tapping the Instagram logo on the top left of the home page to choose between them.

Instagram Launches New Parental Supervision Tools in the US
It should be noted that teens will need to initiate supervision themselves from the app on their mobile devices. Starting in June, parents will be able to start the process, but teens will still need to approve parental supervision to launch the control tools.

Notably, the algorithmic Home Feed will still be the default one once you open the app.

Instagram earlier confirmed that it would bring back the chronological feed to give users more control over what they see in their feeds.