Twitter launched a new feature that provides a new way to interact on the platform. Twitter users will now be able to create interest-based groups called Communities, similar to Facebook Groups and Reddit. These Communities are designed for communication between people who share common interests and worldviews.

Each Community will have a dedicated moderator who will choose the topic and set the rules, as well as invite or remove members, the company's blog says. Twitter users will get an opportunity to post tweets, not for all their followers but members of a specific group. Each member of the Community will see all of its messages and will be able to comments on tweets, but the rest of Twitter users will be able to read and retweet the tweets as Communities will be publicly seen.

The first test Communities are dedicated to popular topics on the web, including dogs, sneakers, weather, skincare, astrology, and more. Currently, only a limited number of users can create a Community: Twitter has invited a few users to create the first ones. The social media platform plans to create new Communities every week.

Twitter Launches Super Follows Paid Subscription
To follow someone, tap the Super Follow button in their account profile. You will see a description of available paid offers and prices. When you follow someone, you will see subscriber-only content in your feed.

Those users who are interested in creating a new Community can submit a corresponding application here.

Twitter Introduces Tip Jar to Let Users Send and Receive Tips
So far, only English-speaking users of iOS and Android operating systems can send donations, whereas a limited number of “creators, journalists, experts, and nonprofits” will be able to accept money.

The new feature is currently only available on PC and iOS, but Twitter says it will soon become available on Android. iOS users can access Communities through the navigation bar. Those using the web version will see the Communities tab in the sidebar.