A forthcoming Windows 11 update is set to introduce a feature called Instant Games, allowing gamers to try out new titles without downloading and installing them on their computers.

Microsoft Unveils Major Windows 11 Update with AI Features
Microsoft has announced its latest update for Windows 11, which will start rolling out on September 26th. This update brings several significant improvements, including an AI-powered assistant, enhanced file management, and revamped applications.

This feature will enable users to launch supported games directly, skipping the downloading process.

Microsoft is collaborating with game publishers to expand its collection of Instant Games, although specific titles have yet to be disclosed. The good news is that this feature is set to become available in the coming weeks, as the update has already begun rolling out.

Additionally, Microsoft plans to revamp the Microsoft Store's functionality later this month. Users will gain the ability to select the drives and folders where they want to install games, allowing for better organization of their game library.

Microsoft to Bring Windows 11 to the Cloud for All Users
An internal presentation disclosed as part of the ongoing FTC v. Microsoft hearing reveals the company’s intention to expand on Windows 365 and enable a complete Windows operating system to be streamed from the cloud to any device.

Moreover, Microsoft is simplifying the exploration of Game Pass subscriptions and the discovery of the latest games and offers with a dedicated page in the Microsoft Store. The company is also enhancing collections, introducing performance improvements, and providing more comprehensive search engine results on the Apps webpage, providing users with new avenues to discover exciting content on their Windows devices.