During Joe Rogan's Spotify podcast, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Meta's next virtual reality headset would arrive in October this year during the company's annual Connect event.

The headset has some important features, Zuckerberg said, discussing virtual reality at the beginning of the podcast. The device would focus on "social presence" with eye and face tracking features. Zuckerberg said the headset is designed to capture users' facial expressions and change your digital avatar's facial expressions according to yours in real time to improve communication in virtual reality.

Mark Zuckerberg Showed Meta’s VR Headset Project Cambria in Action
In the video, Zuckerberg puts on and uses the VR headset, which has been “blurred” to hide its design. The minute-long clip shows the headset being used to play with a virtual pet, browse on a virtual computer, and work out with a virtual fitness trainer.

At last year's Connect conference, Meta announced a high-end headset codenamed Project Cambria, and from what Zuckerberg said, the headset released in October is its final consumer version.

Mark Zuckerberg Announced Meta’s Updated Values
The head of Meta noted that the current values were defined back in 2007. And while they have proven remarkably durable, the time has come to update them since the company is now heading towards developing a metaverse.

Earlier leaks hinted that the official name of the Project Cambria VR headset could be Meta Quest Pro. Project Cambria is expected to be significantly more expensive than the current Quest, which has gone up in price to $399 since August.