In its blog post, Instagram announced that now all users of this social media platform can add clickable links to their Stories. Previously, this feature was only available to popular or verified accounts with more than 10 thousand followers.

The social network explained that it expanded the ability to use link sharing after many reviews from users with fewer followers who also wanted to share valuable information with their friends and family.

To add a clickable link to your Stories, select the Link sticker from the sticker tool in the navigation bar, add the desired link, and place the sticker on your Story. You can also tap the sticker as you add it to see the color variations.

Instagram Introduced Collabs and Other New Features
Instagram will now let its users upload photos and videos via a browser on a computer. Previously, users could only create posts in the app, while they could only view and like posts in the browser.

Other Instagram users will be able to go to your suggested site by clicking on the sticker.

New accounts and accounts that repeatedly post hate speech messages, misinformation, and other harmful content will not be able to use the Link sticker.