Boston Dynamics' Spot robots recreated the iconic music video of The Rolling Stones in honor of the 40th anniversary of the band's ‘Tattoo You’ album. The company published the video on its YouTube channel with the description, “40 years ago, The Rolling Stones debuted their iconic Tattoo You album. We're helping them celebrate.”

In the video to the 1981 song ‘Start Me Up,’ the robots mimic the movements and choreography of the band's lead singer Mick Jagger and guitarists Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards. On the left, you can see The Rolling Stones' original music video, and on the right, the same music video is performed by Spot dog robots.

It should be noted that this video is interesting not only as entertainment. It also shows the evolution of robots developed by Boston Dynamics, which are now more agile and less clumsy.

Boston Dynamic’s Spot Robot Will Monitor Hyundai Plant Safety
Factory Safety Service Robot will ensure safety at the Kia plant in South Korea. If the experiment is successful, the Korean automotive group may use such robots at other plants over time.

Boston Dynamics was founded in 1992 and specializes in the development of robots that can move like animals or humans. Google acquired the company in 2013, and in 2017, it was acquired by SoftBank. In 2021, Hyundai acquired Boston Dynamics.