Instagram announced a bunch of new features on its Twitter. Instagram users can now create joint feed posts and Reels, which will be posted on the accounts of both users. At the same time, views, likes, and comments for such posts will also be shared.

The social media platform is also testing a new way to create fundraisers for non-profit organizations. Instagram users can now choose an organization directly in the app by tapping the “+” button in the upper right corner, and add the chosen fundraiser to their post.

Instagram to Warn Users About App Crashes
Instagram admitted that technical problems and sudden outages can make users confused. Lack of clarity about what’s going on can be frustrating, so developers want to notify users about such outages and other problems.

In addition, users of Instagram will finally be able to upload photos and videos of up to one minute through the browser on computers running Windows, Linux, and macOS. Earlier, this could only be done in the mobile app.

A couple of music-focused effects is also coming to Reels. The system will match the special effects to the music in time to the user's song.