Elon Musk's Boring Company received preliminary permission to create a system of underground tunnels in the US state of Nevada. The tunnel system will be used for high-speed transport and Tesla electric cars.

The Vegas Loop tunnel system will stretch for 29 miles (46.6 km) with 51 stations available to passengers. Its capacity will be 57 thousand people per hour.

In particular, the Vegas Loop will provide trips to the Las Vegas Strip with major hotels and casinos; the city's new football stadium, the Las Vegas Convention Center; McCarran International Airport. The Boring Company now operates a smaller version of the tunnel system underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Tesla Cybertruck Mass Production Delayed Until 2023
The presentation of the finished vehicle will take place no earlier than at the end of 2022, and the mass production of electric pickups with angular design will likely begin in 2023 due to the many complex technologies that have not yet been implemented.

The Boring Company will pay for the construction of the main tunnels of the Vegas Loop, but the startup plans to raise funding from local businesses such as casinos or hotels.

The company plans to build the system in three years. The first 10 stations will be built in 6 months, and then 15–20 stations will be built per year.