Instagram is testing a new feature that will notify users of potential app crashes. For now, it will be tested in the US for several months. Instagram will then decide whether to expand the feature in other countries, the official blog post states.

With the new feature, Instagram users will receive notifications right in their Activity Feed if the service experiences network outages or technical problems. They will also be notified once the issue is resolved.

Instagram Is Rebranding IGTV as Instagram TV
IGTV will be rebranded and renamed to Instagram TV. From now on, users will be able to publish videos of up to 60 minutes long directly in the Instagram feed, while previously, they could be found in a separate section of IGTV.

However, not all users will receive such alerts in case of outages every time. Instagram says it will notify people that are “confused and looking for answers.

Instagram users will also get an opportunity to check their account status in a new dedicated “Account Status” tab to determine whether any of the content they post violates Instagram’s guidelines and whether their account is at risk of being disabled.

If users believe Instagram made a mistake when removing their post or disabling their account, they can send an appeal right from the Account Status.

Facebook Pauses the Development of Instagram Kids Over Criticism
The company emphasized that they will continue to pay special attention to teens’ safety on the platform and expand parental control features over the accounts of children over the age of 13 in the primary app.

Instagram introduced new features following a global outage that affected Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp (all owned by Facebook). The services were unavailable to more than 10.5 million users worldwide for approximately 6 hours, making it the largest outage in the company’s history.

Facebook subsequently reported that a misconfiguration of the backbone routers caused the failure of its services. User data is said to have been intact.