Social media platform Instagram admitted that its feature for sharing long-form video, IGTV, is unsuccessful. Therefore, the company announced an updated feature called Instagram TV.

From now on, users will be able to publish videos of up to 60 minutes long directly in the Instagram feed, while previously, they could be found in a separate section of IGTV. This means users will no longer need to leave their feed to watch longer videos.

IGTV was introduced in June 2018. It was meant to be the mobile equivalent of YouTube and a space for watching longer videos.

Facebook Pauses the Development of Instagram Kids Over Criticism
The company emphasized that they will continue to pay special attention to teens’ safety on the platform and expand parental control features over the accounts of children over the age of 13 in the primary app.

But two months after the launch of IGTV in the US, TikTok was launched, and Instagram is now trying to compete with the app by changing its format.

In 2020, Instagram launched Reels, an analog of TikTok, which allows you to record 30-second short videos.