Hong Kong-based startup MangDang has developed a miniature robot dog called Mini Pupper. It has a length of 209 mm, a width of 109 mm, a height of 165 mm, and weighs only half a kilo, New Atlas reported.

As the publication notes, the tiny robot can be interesting for programmers and enthusiasts since it comes in an open-source kit, meaning that buyers can assemble the robot themselves. However, it also comes as a fully-assembled version.

You can reprogram or remotely control Mini Pupper in real-time. Its integrated Raspberry Pi 4B processor is compatible with Ubuntu and ROS operating systems.

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Mini Pupper can also be equipped with additional devices like a LiDAR module for scanning the environment or a deep-sensing camera for tracking objects.

The robot has an LCD screen that can be programmed to display a variety of emotions. One 30-minute charge of the robot's 800 mAh battery per hour allows the tiny robot to be active for about 25 minutes.