With the release of iOS 15, users received an opportunity to rate and review Apple's built-in Apps like Podcasts, Calendar, or Maps on the App Store, which was not possible before.

After that, users started rating Apple apps quite negatively and expressed their dissatisfaction with how Apple maintains these apps. For example, Apple News, Calendar, and Podcasts received the fewest stars.

As of the time of this writing:

  • Maps were rated 3.3 stars based on 913 reviews
  • Apple Music was rated 3.4 stars based on 1 thousand reviews
  • Podcasts has a 1.8-star rating based 973 on reviews
  • Pages has 3.4 stars based on 2,7 thousand reviews
  • Calendar got 3 stars based on 292 reviews

Users name technical problems that they encountered while using the apps as one of the reasons for such low ratings.

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One of the highly-rated applications is Voice Memos, which received 4.3 stars. None of Apple's apps have reached the five-star mark yet.

The company itself has not yet commented on negative reviews and ratings of its apps, but the decision to let users rate them and leave reviews is a great step towards transparency.

It also should be noted that there are not so many reviews for Apple apps in general so far, so the numbers can change over time as more users leave more reviews and ratings.

Users can rate any Apple app that can be uninstalled and re-installed via the App Store, except for the core system apps like Camera or Messages.