Facebook announced the public launch of the Reels feature, an analog of TikTok, for iOS and Android users in the USA. Reels are short and entertaining vertical videos that last up to 30 seconds, to which you can apply music and AR filters. Instagram launched Reels on its platform in August last year, and now follows Facebook's response to the growing popularity of TikTok.

Reels can be either private or available to all Facebook users, but only creators of 18 years and older can publish such videos.

In terms of functionality, Facebook's Reels are no different from those you can see on Instagram: users can record short videos and add music, edit them directly on Facebook, as well as apply effects. Other users can share, like, and comment on Reels.

In an official blog post announcing the feature, the company representatives said that Reels will cover not only existing followers but also a broader audience, so the most talented and prominent creators will get the chance to be noticed and increase the number of their followers.

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The company emphasized that they will continue to pay special attention to teens’ safety on the platform and expand parental control features over the accounts of children over the age of 13 in the primary app.

Reels can be found in a dedicated section of the News Feed as well as in Groups. Creators will be able to promote their Instagram Reels on Facebook as well, though this feature is currently in testing mode and is only available to select users.

Facebook has also announced the Reels Play bonus program for some creators in the USA. It will reward creators whose Reels are most often viewed. Also, Facebook will soon start testing ads between videos in Reels.