Google assures that everyone will notice the new Chrome browser's update, both the owners of modern computers and those who use old hardware.

The browser's new feature is called PartitionAlloc. It allows users to speed up the browser's loading of pages and free up the computer's RAM.

Google says RAM usage has been reduced by 22%, and the computer's graphics card load has dropped by 5-8%. Depending on specific use cases, the speed of switching between tabs should increase by 10%.

The company also announced that on some popular sites, Chrome would learn to free up to 100 MB of RAM per tab. It will also significantly reduce the load on the computer's RAM. However, the list of these sites has not yet been disclosed.

The feature is in the new build of Chrome 89, which is already available for Windows 10 users and is enabled by default. No user action is required to enable it.

The developers promise to speed up Chrome even more due to the smart cache clearing feature soon. However, it has not yet been announced when this feature will be implemented.