YouTube is introducing "Playables," an experimental offering that allows select users to play games directly on the platform. This move marks YouTube's latest endeavor to expand its range of entertainment options, joining its existing content, which includes short videos, movies, music, podcasts, and more.

Google Adds Short Videos to Play Store for Better App Discovery
By presenting app recommendations through video content, users can gain a deeper understanding of the apps and games available on Google Play, all while being entertained and informed.

Playables will have a dedicated section on YouTube's homepage, accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. While the initial rollout is limited to a select group of users, it signals YouTube's interest in integrating gaming into its platform.

One of the featured games in the Playables experiment is Stack Bounce, a 3D arcade-style game where players navigate a bouncing ball through rotating rings by skillfully tapping to break through. This game is not entirely new, as Google already offers it through its minigame service called GameSnacks.